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Calypso Communications Partners with New Global Strategic Carbon Firm | Strategic Carbon
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PORTSMOUTH, N.H. AND WASHINGTON, D.C.—August 13, 2009—New Hampshire-based Calypso Communications and Strategic Carbon Initiative, LLC (SCI) have teamed up to commercialize a science-driven enterprise that will serve international demand for carbon sequestration, methane hydrate energy exploration, and the assessment of natural ecosystem attenuation potential and protocol. Calypso (www.calypsocom.com) was selected by Washington, D.C.-based SCI for the agency’s broad experience with energy and environmental industries and proven record in successfully writing and marketing fundable business plans for technology startup companies.

Calypso will work with SCI as both an equity and integrated marketing partner while leading the startup’s effort to acquire operational funding. Calypso wrote and edited the SCI business plan and has successfully paired its founders with interested private equity parties in an exploratory first round of development.

Calypso’s environmental clients include industry leaders in clean coal, independent power, waste-to-energy, and other renewable energy fields, as well as early-stage startups in cellulosic ethanol, biodiesel, tidal power, thin-film solar technology, and geothermal energy. The agency’s services for startup and early-stage clients typically encompass strategic business plan research, writing, and development; branding; interactive, web, and new media campaigns; and investor, analyst, and customer communications.

SCI will help clients address large national and international carbon credit programs through stable carbon and radiocarbon isotope analysis, assessing and monitoring deep ocean sediment, and implementing geologic carbon sequestration systems. Current projects are underway in Norway, Japan, India, and South America. SCI researchers have strong experience with Norwegian and Japanese programs that are currently developing strategies for deep ocean sediment sequestration.

A second focus for the SCI/Calypso team will be marketing methane hydrate exploration know-how to global energy majors. Widely recognized as an energy source that is two to three times larger than the U.S. petroleum reserve, this deep-sediment methane is precisely located through geochemical, seismic, controlled source electromagnetics, and heat flow analyses perfected by SCI founders, offering clients significant cost savings in hydrate drilling and recovery. Currently, SCI researchers are active and planning in Russia, Chile, India, and New Zealand.

Finally, SCI will provide expert evaluation of contaminant sources and assessments of the natural degradation time required to remediate contamination for commercial and residential real estate development. Using stable carbon isotope finger printing to determine sources of organic contaminants and radiocarbon isotope analysis to develop natural attenuation rates, SCI offers clients unique investment insights and cost effective development advantages.

“Calypso thrives on working with visionary, science-based thought leaders in the world of sustainable energy development and responsible resource management,” said Kevin Stickney, Calypso founder. “SCI successfully combines technology, knowledge, and entrepreneurialism in a way that will benefit commerce, domestic energy security, and the global environment.”