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Radiocarbon-Depleted CO2 Evidence at North Island | Strategic Carbon
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dirty-enviro-300x225In The Royal Society of Chemistry, 2013
By T. Boyd
Carbon dioxide radiocarbon analysis has proved extremely useful in demonstrating on-site fossil fuel-derived contaminant remediation to a non-toxic end-product (CO2). At the North Island Naval Air Station in San Diego, CA (USA) fuel groundwater contamination assessed for source(s) and natural degradation with radiocarbon and stable carbon isotope analysis in 16 wells across a underground fuel contamination zone. The CO2 fraction from fossil sources ranged from 8 to 93% at the fuel contaminated site show strong contribution from petroleum degradation. Radiocarbon analysis is verified as a viable and definitive technique for confirming fossil hydrocarbon conversion to CO2 (complete oxidation) at hydrocarbon-contaminated groundwater sites. The technique should also be very useful for assessing the efficacy of engineered remediation efforts and by using CO2 production rates, contaminant mass conversion over time and per unit volume. → Go to Full Report