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Drs. Richard Coffin and Bjørn Kvamme have been key organizers for the 12th International Workshop on Methane Hydrate Research and Development Conference. This conference will be held at the Southwest Petroleum University in Chengdu, China (https://www.universities.com/china/southwest-petroleum-university/) and is actively supported by China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC). The workshop was planned to coincide with the Southwest Petroleum University’s 60th Anniversary to highlight the University’s strong international development with key global leaders in gas hydrate research and development.

The international focus on this workshop includes:

  1. Laboratory Experimentation: 1) Limitations on experimentation relative to the environment, 2) Mineral/hydrate/Fluid interactions focus on porous non steady stat conditions
  2. Gas Hydrate Related Modelling: Load Predictions, Coastal – Platform Stability, Environmental Safety
  3. Gas Hydrate Deep Drilling: Technology, Recent Data
  4. Carbon Storage combined with Gas Hydrate Production: Concepts; Geo-mechanical Stability, Environmental Safety vs. Impact
  5. Initial Site Assessment: Seismic and Geochemical Evaluation, Recent Data (Positive and Negative), Additional Approaches
  6. Biogeochemical Assessments of Gas Hydrate Loading and Monitoring Environmental Health

A report will be available 6 months after the workshop.