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Environmental Geotechnics
Chen, L. Merey, S., Pecher, I. Okajima, J. Komya, A., Diaz-Naveas, J., Li, S., Maruyama, S., Kalachand, S. Kvamme, B., Coffin, R.

Methane hydrate has become one promising energy resource for humankind. In this study, recent worldwide onshore/offshore drilling and production activities are analyzed. The most recent reports from sites such as Japan (2013 and 2017) and China (2017) show that the road towards comprehensive utilization of methane hydrate is underway. Though the production methods (depressurisation, thermal stimulation and carbon dioxide (CO2) replacement) diverge in safety and efficiency, potential has been confirmed for future large-scale utilization.

The world hydrate policy is dependent on the socioeconomic status and environmental concerns in major countries. It is urged that international regulations on commercial explorations be settled for methane hydrate projects.

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