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LNG Environmental Assessment and Monitoring

There is a strong national and financial rational for development of liquid natural gas (LNG) in China.  Transition to LNG, moving away from burning coal and oil, has potential to result in significantly less environmental impact.  Success on undertaking a $40 billion...

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Coastal China Methane Hydrate Drill Site Assessment

For Chinese exploration of potential methane hydrate loading in their coastal region Strategic Carbon (SC) LLC will provide methane hydrate site assessment prior to deep hydrate well drilling and logging.  This activity optimizes drill site selection and provides...

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China Coastal Environmental Assessment Related to Hydrate Mining

Future plans for Chinese sediment methane hydrate and petroleum mining, as well as carbon dioxide sequestration, require credible environmental assessments to confirm that anthropogenic compounds released to shallow sediment and the water column during mining will not...

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Radiocarbon-Depleted CO2 Evidence at North Island

In The Royal Society of Chemistry, 2013 By T. Boyd Carbon dioxide radiocarbon analysis has proved extremely useful in demonstrating on-site fossil fuel-derived contaminant remediation to a non-toxic end-product (CO2). At the North Island Naval Air Station in San...

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Ocean Currents Shape the Microbiome of Arctic Marine Sediments

In ISME Journal, 2012 By L. Hamdan There is a strong interest in the transport of methane to the atmosphere and the subsequent contribution to climate change. In sediments around the world, there is a community of bacteria that efficiently oxide methane and prohibit...

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Fire Ice from the Seas

From 8th Annual International Workshop of Methane Hydrate Research and Development, 2012 International Workshop for Methane Hydrate R&D was held in Sapporo, Japan on 28 May – 1 June 2012. This workshop series began in 2000 as a small gathering of invited experts...

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